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Supplying the highest quality superfood ingredients. Since 2006

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Cacao Nibs Raw Organic

SKU: ROCOC03 | Bag | Min: 15kg

£7.14kg £107.10 per Bag

Low stock
Spirulina Powder Organic

SKU: ROSPI01 | Bag | Min: 5kg

£9.99kg £49.95 per Bag

Low stock
Coconut Palm Sugar Organic

SKU: ROCOC12 | Bag | Min: 20kg

£5.38kg £107.60 per Bag

Low stock
Cacao Powder Organic

SKU: ROCOC01 | Bag | Min: 25kg

£4.80kg £120.00 per Bag

Low stock
Cacao Butter Drops Fairtrade Organic

SKU: ROCAC06 | Bag | Min: 15kg

£11.41kg £171.15 per Bag

In stock
Cacao Butter Block Organic

SKU: ROCOC07 | Bag | Min: 25kg

£9.48kg £237.00 per Bag

Low stock
Lucuma Powder Organic

SKU: ROLUC01 | Bag | Min: 10kg

£13.16kg £131.60 per Bag

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Quality assurance guaranteed

  • Setting the standard

    We may operate in a niche market; however, we apply the highest food safety management principles and expertise to ensure what we promise is delivered.

  • Primary Authority

    We have a Primary Authority relationship with our local Trading Standards and Environmental Health Officers who mandate our product quality specification and nutritional claims guidance.

  • Product testing

    Each and every product that we stock is sent for testing at an independent UKAS accredited lab, right here in the UK. They test for pesticides, heavy metals and micro-organisms.

Soil quality

All of our growers have to pass our rigorous supplier approval program before we buy from them.

As a BRC (Grade AAA) certified company, we take the quality of our products very seriously. This is why each and every product received into our warehouse is sent for independent quality testing.

We’ve been around a while, nearly since the beginning of the Superfood movement, which means we have some of the longest standing supplier relationships in the industry.

We are transparent when it comes to our products, with all product specs and lab analyses are available for our customers to review.

Our dedicated technical team work tirelessly to ensure that all of our products exceed the requirements set by our customers and governing bodies.

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