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What is a ‘superfood’?

The term ‘superfood’ applies to nutrient-rich natural foods that have a proven benefit  for health and well-being that has been approved by EU law. 

Superfoods include fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains. Some may be eaten as healthy snacks, most are used as ingredients to boost the flavour and nutritional value of juices, smoothies, cereals, baked goods and everyday dishes.

The superfoods sector is generally identified with rare and exotic plants such as goji berries, baobab fruit, acai berries, maca roots to name a few, though there are many conventional foods that are nutrient-rich too. 

We don’t claim to hold the monopoly on nutrient-rich food. But we do know there is a growing consumer desire for organic, healthy food and new taste experiences, and that is precisely what Supernutrients offers.

Why sell superfoods? Why use superfoods as an ingredient?

The UK superfood category is growing by 40 per cent every year. In 2016 it accounted for £250 million in retail sales value.

Clearly, there is an appetite for superfoods.

Health and diet are topics that occupy thousands of ‘column-inches’ every day. Everyone is interested in food that is enjoyable to eat, nutritious and healthy. Natural berries, seeds, herbs, oils, juices, powders and flakes are enormously appealing. They are nutrient-rich, exotic, colourful and full of zest.

What’s not to like!

Why buy your superfoods from Supernutrients?

When it comes to superfoods, we are the pioneers, the brand leader and the category authority.

The company was established in 2006 and has been a key driving force in the sector. We’ve made the transformation from pioneer to market leader by committing unreservedly to quality – of products and service.

Our team of experts will provide all of the advice you need – whether that relates to taste, provenance, nutritional value, microbiology or the best superfood for a particular recipe. 

And all of this is supported by a highly professional logistics set-up to deal efficiently with order enquiries and fulfilment.