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Agave nectar is an organic sweeter which is naturally extracted as a milky white juice from the pineapple shaped inner core (pinas) of the Blue Weber Agave, a cactus-like plant native to Mexico.

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Product benefits

  • Agave has anti-microbial properties
  • Low glycemic index of 27 vs sugar's 92 
  • Contains inulin which is associated to lowering cholesterol


Sourced from across the globe

The Blue Agave plant has been used by early inhabitants of the Americas for thousands of years. There are 136 known species of Agave. It is mainly cultivated in high western areas and the broad-leafed plant takes approximately eight years to ripen.

The leaves and root of the Agave are cut off and left in the fields as only the core or ‘pina’ is used. The juice (inulin) is mechanically extracted and filtered to remove the solid fibres. The juices then undergo hydrolysis to break the inulin chains into fructose, followed by high vacuum evaporation to extract excess water and concentrate the resulting carbohydrate. The syrup is then bottled.