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Banana Powder

Banana Powder

Our powder is made from vine-ripened bananas, organically grown in Ecuador. It is usually a period of 18 months between plantation and harvest, though the region’s consistently warm climate, frequent rainfall and fertile soils allow bananas to grow year round.

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Product benefits

  • Highest level of beta-carotene in comparison to other cultivars of the fruit
  • High in potassium which contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system
  • High in calcium which aids in the absorption of other minerals


Sourced from across the globe

The banana plant is in fact a massive herb that pushes up from the ground to form a pseudo trunk of around 3-6 metres in height. At the crown there are between 10-20 broad elliptical leaves, from which the female flowers emerge. As the banana bunches begin to develop, the central stalk droops downwards under the fruit’s weight, not surprising considered the red banana plant can produce up to 100 individual fruits. The bananas are clustered into small groups, sometimes referred to as hands