Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour

Our Coconut Flour is sourced from palms grown in Sri Lanka, although the majority of the coconut fruits cultivated remain on the island, as domestic consumption is so high. In some areas, the humble coconut palm is called the ‘Tree of Life’, due to its huge variety of uses in both medicine and nutrition

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Sri Lanka

Sourced from across the globe

Nowadays, the main bulk of coconut production comes from India, the Philippines and Indonesia, and around 20 billion coconut fruits are grown across the world annually. The palms can generally be found growing in tropical, coastal areas, with high temperatures and humidity levels.

Coconut Flour is fantastically economical to produce as it is simply making use of the coconut residue, which is the solid left once the coconut oil has been extracted. Throughout this process, absolutely no chemical treatments or preservatives are used, and all temperatures are kept at below 33°C.