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Guarana Powder

Guarana Powder

Sometimes referred to as Brazilian cocoa, guarana seeds have been consumed by Amazonian Indian tribes since Pre-Columbian times. Guarana’s effectiveness comes from the fact that its seeds contain a significant quantity of caffeine − reportedly twice the amount found in coffee.

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Product benefits

It has been cherished by native Amazonian tribes because of:

  •  Its ability to sustain them on long and physically demanding treks through the jungle
  • Use as a natural treatment for influenza, headaches and certain gastrointestinal ailments


Sourced from across the globe

Our guarana originates from plantations in Bahia – a Brazilian state located in the northeastern part of the county where the ample humidity, fertile soils and well-distributed rainfall encourages the abundant growth of this perennial plant.

Because of its high caffeine content, guarana acts as a natural stimulant. Our guarana powder contains 3.2% caffeine, compared to coffee’s average 1-2%. Moreover, it has been claimed that guarana has a longer lasting effect than tea or coffee, which may be related to the interaction of its caffeine with other substances present in the plant. e.g. tannins.