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Quality and certifications Setting the standard

Our business has grown on the strength of our direct and trusting relationships with our growers, our customers and our food safety authorities. We may operate in a niche market; however, we apply the highest food safety management principles and expertise to ensure what we promise is delivered.

By choosing our products, you can be assured you are purchasing the highest quality ingredients. For us, quality means natural ingredients, minimally processed and not contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals or harmful micro-organisms.

Our search for the highest quality superfoods starts right at the beginning where we find suppliers who are experts in these ingredients. We source our products in the corner of the world where the plant naturally thrives.

Over our 14 years in the industry, we have built relationships of mutual trust with many of our suppliers and have open lines of communication on all quality procedures in place in the growing and harvesting of our superfoods.

Once the ingredients have travelled to reach us in the UK, we choose to invest in a final quality control test. We send a sample of each and every batch to a trusted UKAS accredited laboratory where the product is screened for a range of microorganisms, heavy metals and over 400 pesticides.

Primary Authority

Our Primary Authority relationship with Trading Standards and Environmental Health Officers means we receive assured and tailored advice on meeting regulations. This ensures we get it right and enables us to invest confidently in products, practices, and procedures, knowing our compliance resources are spent well.

Product Testing

Each product that comes into our warehouse has to be approved “fit for Supernutrients” via our technical team. Tested for heavy metals, microbiological loading and pesticides, we will not sell our foods without our independent laboratory’s all clear. It is the only way we can be sure about the quality and purity of our foods.

BRC Certified

Supernutrients holds a Grade AA BRC certification, thanks to our robust technical processes. BRC is the Global Standard for Food Safety and sets out the requirements for how we manufacture our products and how they should be prepared. Only products that are manufactured, stored and prepared at our site carry the BRC certification.

Our qualifications

  • BRC Global Standards for Food Safety (Grade AA)
  • Organic Certified by Soil Association
  • Vegan Society Approved

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